We know venues

We know which ones will work for you and your business. We know which ones to choose if you're looking to engage young people, and which ones to choose for a more mature audience. Most importantly, we know how to bring you face-to-face with your customers. It's what we do. Leaving you free to focus on exactly what you're going to say to them and how.

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Whether you're planning an experiential, pop-up or customer acquisition campaign, we make things easy for you. Once we know what your want to achieve, we make sure the process is smooth. Whether experiential or fundraising, sampling or selling, outside or inside, we can help. It can be large scale experiential or simply distributing flyers on the street. We have the venue knowledge you need and our approach will save you time and money.

One contact, one contract and one invoice

We make everything as easy as possible. We're real people with the goal of connecting you to real customers, and we never forget that.

Powered by Sproutify

And now, everything we do is powered by our own searchable venue database. So with us, you can book venues all across Australia with ease.


Our job is to put you in front of your customers and manage your venue investment to provide the best returns, whether that is sales or sample numbers, brand experience or awareness we aim to help optimise campaigns.

Experiential Activations

Finding locations inside or outside

Promotions and Sampling

Finding locations inside or outside

Shopping Centre Bookings

Including administering licenses, permits and ensuring all payments are made

Pop-up Shops

Sales analysis to find and place best performers


Optimisation analysis to be in high performers more often at the right frequency.


Operational support providing Bump In details, Logistics Co-ordination and On Site issue management.

Our Venues

We've built our reputation on the quality and breadth of venues we have direct knowledge of and access to.

We look to engage and work with everyone. From large groups like Westfield, to small council owned spaces and everything in-between. Our ongoing mission is to search for hidden gems, so we can consistently offer new and exciting venues for new and exciting campaigns.

There really is no venue too large or small.

Shopping Centres

With over 1,500 shopping centres, we make sure you choose best sites based on your needs. We work with all of the main multicentre groups and will provide you with data to guide your decisions.


Finding locations inside or outside


Including administering licenses, permits and ensuring all payments are made


We know where to find students and where they congregate.


We are plugged into communities and know where to find local and major events.

Case Studies

News Corp

Dan De Maria
GM Marketing

'Sprouts intimate knowledge of the shopping centre industry enabled News Corp to roll out a tactical sales channel across 4 states in up to 25 locations a week. Their insights and strategic approach improved our cost per sale dramatically. We would not hesitate to recommend them.'

M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment

Erika Morton
Head of Experiential

'We've often partnered with Sprout for venue insights and policies; the team are always up to date with venues and policies answering key Q's on site specifics, logistics, and compliance which are crucial to the development and planning of our activations. Nothing is too much trouble and they are very responsive.'


Chloe Brant
Business Director

'Sprout have become an integral part of our campaign delivery. We challenge them with high volume, quick turnaround enquires and briefs and they ensure we get the outcomes we and our clients are after. Their expertise and insights along with working through the venues guidelines helps us deliver on client expectations and successful campaigns in the right environments.'

Habitat Media

Mark Vincent

As a boutique agency we are really pleased to have Sprout on the team to be able to provide speedy venue input to shape thinking about campaigns. We find their scope of knowledge invaluable as is their ability to execute complex activations. We save numerous head hours by not requiring team members to sit on the phone for hours researching councils or shopping centres.

Surf Lifesaving Foundation

Kerry Clifford
Fundraising Strategy Manager

'Sprout are a vital lynchpin in optimising territory across multiple sales partners, their objective analysis ensures fact based decisions to be in more productive places more often.'


Warren Nicholls

'We have worked with Sprout for nearly 2 years and we have found that they are an important partner fulfilling our site requirements in a cost efficient and responsive manner. They are service orientated and go above and beyond to ensure we optimise our sales output and provide innovative places.'


Michael Ozard

'Sprout has been great source of information and sounding board for activation locations. Sprouts relationships with venue managers are very strong, they can push boundaries and turn around responses quickly. Overall we are very happy with Sprouts service and will continue to partner with Sprout for future Experiential and event projects.'

About Us

Founded in May 2013 and based in Sydney, Sprout is a trusted venue specialist. We're able to respond to the needs of our clients as we have a huge network of venues. We aim to take the pain out of visiting multiple sites and speaking to lots of venues owners, by creating a one-stop shop for all indoor and outdoor venues.

We bring a whole world of venue options to agencies and brands in an instant.

We want to make activation campaigns easier to execute, with campaigns delivering improved results.

Activations around Australia

Sprout have experience finding and using locations all over Australia both Metro or Regional across over 2,500 venues!

Let us do the work for you

Let us take care the work for you by finding the most effective venues for activations.

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How does Sprout charge?

There is no additional cost to use Sprout as commission is received from the asset managers, similar to an advertising agency receiving media commission. So what you would pay direct will be the same through Sprout across Shopping Centres and Rail. For outdoor venues we add a 10% (or $250.00) management fee to cover venue selection, application management and payment so you can concentrate on the execution.

Do you work nationally?             

Sprout manages campaigns nationally in all metro markets and regional locations.

What venues do you work with?

Sprout works with all venues with experience across shopping centres, outdoor environments, rail stations, Universities, Airports, Office Towers and events.

Do you do venue research?

We explore the brief and make venue recommendations including pricing. Generally we can turn around pricing within 24 hours unless there are unusual elements or locations and will advise approximate timings. We will also conduct availability checks once the campaign timing is confirmed.

What happens if we are pitching for business?

We work on a partnership basis and will make recommendations and pricing for pitches confidentially on the basis that if the campaign is won that we will continue to book the campaign.

What are your payment terms?

Sprout require payment ideally prior to the first booking or in the week of the commencement of the campaign.

What do you need from us?

Sprout can provide a briefing template which acts as a reminder for key considerations affecting recommendations and costings saving a bit of time on toing and froing.

Do you get involved in compliance and Risk Management?

It is a legal responsibility for organisation executing activity to complete though we are very familiar with terminology and can guide on requirements.

Can you help with Food Permits?

We are familiar with requirements for food permits and will advise how to obtain.

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